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ALPINE HOUSE - Loc. Promindoz - registered office: B&B Le Petit Nid - fraz. Evette, 15 - Valtournenche AO - mobile +39 333 3696313 -
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Alpe Promindoz (1840 mt)




Promindoz is an oasis of peace and tranquillity, immersed in uncontaminated nature. You can enjoy trekking along a number of different routes, some of which are suitable for beginners, others for experts.

Enjoy a new way of walking trough our beautiful woods using similar techniques of cross country skiing, with the Nordic Walking poles that are at you disposal in the Alpine House; and when the snow falls on our valley, making everything white and clean with its cape, the landscapeappears in its wonderful new colors, we participate actively in this event with snow walks. Indeed, every week we organise snow walks with Deborah, the daughter of the owners, a Nordic Winter Walking Instructor.

At the Ancienne Bergerie we want to offer you holidays in every season, all 365 days of the year, from spring, where the white of the still snow-covered mountans slowly makes room for the green of the valley floor, to the warm summer days, and the autumn which arrives in a flood of colours, scents and flavours. The trees tone to the warmest brightest shades of red, yellow and orange, a spectacle not to be missed, the prelude to a magic white winter, when the snow reigns supreme.

After a full day it is a pleasure to return to the village, regenerating yourself in your own chalet.